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A Guide for Young Christians

A Guide for Young Christians

John W. Robbins

When God saves us sinners, he causes us to believe certain propositions about himself and about ourselves—ideas that we formerly thought were not true. In an instant, God resurrects us from the spiritual death of unbelief and makes us understand and believe the truth about both Jesus Christ and ourselves. Scripture refers to this event by using several figures of speech: being born again, being born from above, enlightening the mind, being resurrected from the dead, and giving us a heart of flesh for our heart of stone. What this figurative language literally means (and if you do not know what figurative language literally means, you do not know what it means) is that God affects our minds directly, causing us to accept as true, ideas we formerly thought were not true. He gives truth—figuratively called “light” in Scripture—directly to our minds.

Sovereignty and Responsibility

Audio For Sovereignty and Responsibility-October 25 2009

Sovereignty is Sanity

God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility the Problem Solved

How can man be responsible for his sins if God ordains everything a man thinks, says and does?

Purpose: To learn how Scripture harmonizes God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility without compromising God’s holiness and reducing man to a mindless puppet.

1. Concept: Armenian theologians have taught the doctrine of free will as the logical ground for man’s responsibility. They also believe that the doctrine of free will protects God’s holiness. The doctrine of free will states that since God gave man a free independent will and man freely chose to sin then man is the independent cause of his sin. Therefore man’s free will makes him responsible for his sins. Man’s free independent will makes man the author of his sin and not God. Because God is not the cause of man’s sin. If God was the cause of man’s sin then ,in the Armenian mind, that would logically make God the Author of sin.

2. Concept: The Sovereigntist theologians state that Scripture clearly teaches that God ordains all things both good and evil without compromising His holiness and without logically abandoning the doctrine of man’s responsibility.

3. Concept:  Both doctrines cannot be true. The Bible does not teach contradictions.

4. Concept: The Bible teaches that all men are responsible.

Christians are responsible for their lives.

Counterfeit Gospels

Counterfeit Gospels

Counterfeit money looks like genuine money; it has to, if it is going to fool anyone. Counterfeit gospels look like the real thing, and they fool many people.

Paul warns about false gospels in two of his letters to churches in Greece and Asia. In his second letter to the Christians in the Greek city of Corinth, he condemns preachers and evangelists who “preach another Jesus whom we have not preached…or a different gospel which you have not accepted.” And in his letter to the churches of Galatia, Paul wrote, “I marvel that you are turning away so soon from him who called you in the grace of Christ to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the Gospel of Christ.”

Paul became angry at what some men were preaching, and he warned the Galatians: “But even if we, or an angel from Heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”

That warning should make preachers think twice about the gospel they preach, but many continue to preach false gospels. Many religious leaders are confused about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They think that the Gospel is “You must be born again.”

It isnít. Nor is it the Gospel, “You must be filled with (or baptized by) the Holy Spirit.”

The Attributes of God

Theology Proper is about learning more about who God really is. Studying the attributes of God is a way of honoring God. God wants us to know who He is. God is the manifestation of His attributes. God has told us everything He wants us to know about Him in His Word. The God of the bible is not a God we can fully know or understand comprehensively but He does not leave our knowledge of Him to our imagination either. There is a wonderful book writtern by Arthur W. Pink called The Attributes of God that explores who God is. I have included the preface below and the table of contents.

Sovereignty is Sanity Sermon

God’s Sovereignty is Your Sanity

From a sermon on – Jack Lannom

Purpose: to learn the meaning of the Sovereignty of God to understand the doctrine and for Christians is the only source for sanity.

Daniel 2:21 No Sanity in secondary causes

Job: 1:17-21  1st cause: God – Only sanity is in 1st cause 2nd cause: Chaledans

Job 1:1-12; Job 2:10; Job 42:11

“Bondage of the Will” by Martin Luther written in 1525.
Rev: 4:11; Isa 46:9-11; Romans 11:36
Does the plan have a cause outside of God? Or is the plan an eternal plan? A necessary plan?

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