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The Five Fundamentals Of Christianity

Audio For The Five Fundamentals of Christianity – Dec. 13, 2009

The Five Fundamentals of Christianity

Truth is a system of thought. To understand Christianity and to grow in Christ a Christian must think like Christ, systematically and systemically. The five fundamentals of Christianity provide a Christian with a biblical framework to begin organizing their minds under a doctrinal hierarchy of thought. A Christian’s discernment is only as sound as the system from which they reason. If their system of thought is a confounded, comingling of human viewpoint and divine viewpoint then their judgment will be unsound, their minds will be confused and they will be unwittingly led by Satan.

Purpose: To learn the five fundamentals of Christianity in order to think like Christ and to live like Christ to the glory of God.

1. Scripture Alone—2. Christ Alone 3. Grace Alone 4. Faith Alone 5. The Glory of God Alone — The order is highly instructive and the qualifying word ‘Alone’ is of monumental significance. In the order God tells us where to begin our thinking and why we are to begin with Scripture and why we are not to begin with any other starting point. The word ‘Alone’ in each of the five fundamentals’ begins the godly process of separating in our minds God’s truth from Satan’s error.

Civilization and the Protestant Reformation

Civilization and the Protestant Reformation

Civilization as we know it began a few minutes before noon, October 31, 1517.

In the small east German town of Wittenberg, a 34-year-old Augustinian priest walked to Castle Church and nailed 95 theological propositions for debate on the door. The debate Martin Luther began nearly 500 years ago turned the world upside down. Democracy, civil rights and liberties, constitutional government, religious liberty, and the free market all find their roots in the Reformation.

A Religious Fundraising Scam

The occasion for the debate was the fundraising practices of the pope’s representatives in Germany. As a Catholic priest, Luther was concerned that a representative of the pope was telling his parishioners that they could purchase forgiveness for their sins. Luther knew that God alone could forgive sins, and that salvation could not be purchased for any amount of money: It was a free gift of God.

The Five Fingerprints of the Reformation part 1

The Five Fingerprints of the Reformation

part 1

The arches, loops, and whorls on each finger of a man or women’s hand provide unique and unmistakable indicators of that individual’s identity. You might have an identical twin – another human being who is virtually indistinguishable from you in appearance. The visual resemblance might be so close that even your own parents could be fooled into believing that your twin was you! However, that resemblance doesn’t extend to the tips of your fingers. Your twin’s fingerprints would not match yours, and anyone trained in the art of fingerprint identification would be able to tell which twin was which in seconds.

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