It Is Written

It Is Written:
Three of the Most Important Words a Christian can ever Learn


Churches like countries, have an evil tendency to degeneration; we have fought to preserve our national freedom in this country, let us now ardently preserve historical biblical Christianity. From the very beginning of Christianity subjectivism has made its hourly encroachments and now modern Christianity is drunk on heart-centered popish theology in which supercharged experience is lord over verbal revelation. An historic shift is occurring in 21st Christianity away from Pauline doctrine back to medieval paganism with its emphasis and trust in heart-centered experience.Heart-centered teachers because of public infatuation have risen into renown, who not knowing the Truth have corrupted the church by introducing the wooden horse of subjectivism into the Trojan fortress of Christianity and thereby have confounded the Truth of Judeo-Christian theology. Where did our Lord place His trust and confidence in dealing with the most difficult battle of His earthly life? Christ trusted in God’s Word Alone and not in His experiences or feelings. His confidence was in the verbal inspiration of all of God’s Word Mat 3:16-17 The Lord Jesus believed in verbal inspiration.

Mat 5:18 “Jots” and “Tittles”

Mat 22:42-47;

Rom 1:3-4 The apostles did not exalt their experiences over the Word of God. Their focus was on preaching the Word

Act 2:22

Act 4:33

Act 6:2

Act 6:4

Act 6:7

1Co 2:2

Gal 6:14

Rev 1:1

2Pe 1:16

2Pe 1:17-21








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