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The Five Fingerprints of the Reformation part 1

The Five Fingerprints of the Reformation

part 1

The arches, loops, and whorls on each finger of a man or women’s hand provide unique and unmistakable indicators of that individual’s identity. You might have an identical twin – another human being who is virtually indistinguishable from you in appearance. The visual resemblance might be so close that even your own parents could be fooled into believing that your twin was you! However, that resemblance doesn’t extend to the tips of your fingers. Your twin’s fingerprints would not match yours, and anyone trained in the art of fingerprint identification would be able to tell which twin was which in seconds.

The Skeleton and the Bones – Systematic Theology

The Skeleton and the Bones:

The Parts Must Relate to the Whole

Dr. John Robbins teaches that the various parts of a system are explained by the whole. For example, some of the incredibly tiny and exquisitely shaped bones of our inner ear would be very difficult to understand if we were to examine them one at a time, individually. We might well not be able to comprehend what their function is. But their utility immediately becomes apparent when we see how they fit into the structure — the system — of the ear. To expand this analogy only slightly, most of us would be unable to identify a great many of the 206 bones that make up our skeletal system that if we were to view them individually. It is only when we see how they fit into the overall skeletal system that we come to a complete understanding of their contribution to the body.

Legacy – Why Jack Wrote This…

Legacy: Introduction

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” -John 8:32

Legacy, Chapter One

What Will Your Legacy Be?

“What will my legacy be?” This is not a question that occupies the mind of a great many young men and women. It seems that it is only as we grow older, and become more aware of our creeping mortality, that we begin to worry about what we will leave behind for our children.

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Your 101 Riches in Christ

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