A Systematic Theology

We study theology systematically. This helps us to understand complete doctrines. It helps us to see scripture as a comprehensive text and not disjointed verses. God gave us scripture to understand who He is and to understand who we are. There are many ways to systematically study the bible. We look at all the verses of the bible that touch on the doctrine and study them all together.

  1. Bibliography – The Bible
  2. Theology Proper – God the Father
  3. Christology – God the Son
  4. Pneumatology – God the Holy Spirit
  5. Angelology – Angels
  6. Anthropology – Man
  7. Hamartiology – Sin
  8. Soteriology – Salvation
  9. Ecclesiology – Church
  10. Eschatology – End Times

Why do we study the Bible before God? Because the God that we study, is the God of scripture. We start with our first axiom – that the Bible Alone is All Truth. We study scripture and mostly we study what the Bible says about the Bible.

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  1. canada says:

    crosswork.org is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading crosswork.org every day.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Winston – I should have said that these were all the ‘study of’ those doctrines. I appreciate the link to that site and the PDF. It was nice to hear from you.

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